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The leadership of Embark Business Solutions has experience in several areas, to include business consulting, human resources, and collegiate instruction.  Our leadership also has experience in corporate recruiting and staffing. 

Embark employs college professors who teach in the areas of business, human resources, and management. Therefore, Embark is able to offer quality training and instruction to it's clients. Helping our clients staff their business is the focus of the company and is a critical part of helping them attain short- and long-term success. 


Additionally, we help our clients on an as needed and individual basis with their staffing needs.  We analyze need and help clients meet that need by sourcing, vetting and staffing quality candidates.  If you are having difficulty sourcing or selecting quality candidates, allow Embark Business Solutions to utilize our many years of experience to help you navigate the process from start to finish. 


Our leadership has decades of experience in the Business and Management arena, which we consider the strength and heart of the company.  We are proud to say we have a staff of veterans, that specialize in translating military documents, sourcing and hiring veterans.  If you are seeking to hire a veteran, allow Embark Business Solutions to do that work for you.



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